What are the Best Motorcycles For Touring Croatia?

motorcycle touring croatia
motorcycle touring croatia

What are the Best Motorcycles For Touring Croatia?

Motorcycles explicitly designed for touring are in a class all their own. They have to be sturdy and dependable, and they have to be able to accelerate to highway speeds while carrying heavy luggage. On the other hand, they have to be comfortable, and they have to be equipped with a wide variety of accessories so that riders can remain calm as they travel from one mile to the next. There are now more touring motorcycles available than there ever were in the past, each one catering to a specific rider demographic with particular touring goals in mind.

To compile this list, we will be looking at some of the most impressive touring motorcycles that can be rented from www.rent-a-gs.com, a motorbike rental Croatia. These motorcycles can be used to explore the breathtaking roadways of Croatia, and when we say “touring,” we mean it in the conventional sense of the word. 

So let’s delve into this article and see which superior quality rides this motorcycle rental Croatia has to offer!

BMW R1250GS Adventure king of the touring

Model from the 2023 year coming this season and you should try it!

When it comes to soothing your thirst for some genuine Adventure Touring, the BMW R 1250 GS range is the stuff legends are made of. Now, all that is required of you is to find a solution to one major problem. Which version of the livery do you prefer—the standard or the Adventure model?

The pleasant ergonomics and seating posture of the R 1250 GS Adventure provide you with an excellent view and make it simple for you to maintain control of the motorcycle.

bmw R1250GS adventure Croatia

Even if you are a tall rider or prefer to stand up while off-roading, you will be able to ride securely and comfortably thanks to the handlebars’ ability to be lifted by up to 30 millimeters; you’ll also have an easier time finding the perfect BMW R 1250 GS Adventure for you because of the large selection of seats and the wide range of seat heights, which goes from 790 to 910 millimeters. Additionally, the seat heating system guarantees that both you and your guest can take pleasure in each and every excursion.

Confident, trustworthy, assertive. In both the known and unknown worlds, this is how the perfect companion should behave. The boxer engine found in the R 1250 GS Adventure is equipped with the variable camshaft management system BMW ShiftCam, which makes traveling for extended periods of time an absolute joy. What does this imply for you moving forward? 

High torque over the whole speed range combined with more refined operation in the lower speed range. When you ride your R 1250 GS Adventure, you will experience increased boldness and a more fluid riding style as a direct consequence of the balanced running culture.

BMW F850GS Adventure

Prepared to embark on an adventure into the unimaginable: The BMW  F850GS Adventure is capable of overcoming virtually any surface, whether it be asphalt or off-road terrain. You will have the ability to personalize this GS in any way that you see suitable, thanks to its updated standard features and its vast list of optional equipment.

The BMW F850GS Adventure, available on our motorbike rental in Croatia, is an adventure touring motorbike that is widely considered to be among the very best models available in its category of middle-weight motorcycles. The F850 GS Adventure model is a model that takes things to the next level by adding the trim level Adventure. When compared to its sibling, it is a far more capable off-roader.

BMW F850 GS AdventureThis model comes equipped with an 853cc twin-cylinder inline engine that is cooled by liquid and produces 90 horsepower and 63 pound-feet of torque. The motorcycle possesses both the grunt and the power necessary to accomplish what it needs to do at the lower end of the rev range, and it also possesses power at the higher end of the rev range. The F 850 GS Adventure is better suited for off-road use than the normal model in this regard. That in no way negates the fact that the Adventure is prepared to take on the open road.

When it comes to its overall performance, the parallel-twin 850 engine is both torquey and willing to rev smoothly at the pace of your choosing. This is made even better by the addition of regular road and rain engine modes, as well as optional enduro modes, which can be selected while the vehicle is in motion. It also boasts a clutch that is easy to operate and smooth, as well as brakes that are progressive yet powerful and equipped with ABS, which barely seem to interfere even when driving on rough ground.

All things considered, BMW has created a magnificent bike that is ideally suited for off-road motorcycle travel that encompasses long distances and includes a few off-road diversions. This should not come as a surprise considering the pedigree of the German business and its position as the dominant market share holder in the adventure sector.

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AFRICA TWIN 1100 DCT 2022 from HONDA

The third generation of the Honda Africa Twin 2022, which is available on our motorcycle rental Croatia, has at long last developed into the motorcycle that a significant number of the brand’s supporters had wished it would be from the very beginning.

It is a genuine rival in the market for adventure bikes due to the fact that it is equipped with an adequate amount of the most recent technological technology and has a bit more go in its super-sized motor. 

The recently enlarged 1084cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected Unicam parallel twin that powers the Africa Twin is capable of producing 101 horsepower at 7,500 revolutions per minute and 77 ft-lb of torque at 6,250 revolutions per minute.

Africa Twin 1100 DCT 2022

The engine is attached to a six-speed transmission that has a 525-chain drive and is available in either manual or DCT form. One clutch in the dual-clutch transmission is responsible for gears 1, 3, and 5, and the second clutch is responsible for gears 2, 4, and 6. Because of this, shifting will be incredibly quick and fluid, and the bike will also be able to match revs and downshift effortlessly. 

The shift levers that are located on the handlebars are responsive and also make shifting easier when driving off-road. You’ll be able to maintain a relaxed 4,000 revolutions per minute while still cruising at 70 miles per hour, thanks to the 16T/42T sprockets.

In preparation for 2021, Honda has expanded the functionality of the CRF1100L Africa Twin model lineup to include interaction with Android Auto. Android smartphone users will have the ability to plug their devices into their bicycles, which will enable them to access additional programs such as Google Maps or Spotify. The same is true for the Gold Wing, CB1000R, Forza 750, and X-ADV, in addition to the Forza 350.

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Safety and enjoyment 

All Rent-a-GS rental motorbikes are in top condition well maintained and regularly serviced. Equipment that is included in the price of all our motorcycles is three hard cases, a phone holder, and a USB charger. If you need you can leave your luggage in their office they also provide helmets, intercoms, jackets, gloves, and raincoats (just inform them before your arrival so that they can prepare equipment for you).

When you come to Split rental office Mirko and his team will help you with route planning, sightseeing, and info about local roads and great spots to look for. Find out more about motorcycle rental Croatia tips and tricks.

Choose the best touring bike from Rent-a-GS and enjoy long touring through impressive Croatian roads and landscapes.

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The most amazing thing about Croatia is regional diversity. The good news is that you can combine and choose depending on several factors: traffic, season and personal preference. Choose how many kilometers you ride!