Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions


Article 1

This contract regulates mutual relations between ARTUM TEMPUS d.o.o., owner M. Ukas (hereinafter called: the Lessor) and the User whose particulars are stated on the first page of this contract (hereinafter called: the User) under the conditions and period of time stated in this contract. The Lessor gives and the User takes for use vehicle stated on the first page of this contract (hereinafter called: vehicle) under the conditions and period of time stated in this contract.

Article 2

By the signing of this contract, the User confirms that he has taken the vehicle in a regular and undamaged condition with a tank full of fuel. The User confirms that he has taken documents for the vehicle, keys, all-necessary equipment as well as equipment stated in the contract.

Article 3

The User undertakes to return the vehicle to the place at the latest as stated by this contract. The User undertakes to return the vehicle even before the agreed period on the lessor’s request. The User undertakes to return the motorcycle correctly and not damaged, with all documentation, keys, tires, tools, obligatory, standard, and additional equipment as being taken. Payment under this contract the User is obligate to pay immediately after taking the car.

Article 4

The User undertakes to request the lessor in the time on prolongation of rent and other changes relating to the rent. In the case the User prolongs the agreed time of the rent without the consent of the lessor, the lessor has the right to deem the vehicle stolen and to inform the police. In that event, the User shall bear all costs incurred. In the case of exceeding the time of the return of the vehicle, the User is further liable for all liabilities and responsibilities out of this contract, which is agreed for the time of duration of rent. All employees of ARTUM TEMPUS d.o.o., Company for services and manufacture, owner M. Ukas have the right to control any car at any time. If it is found that the User has violated any of the terms of this contract, the employees of ARTUM TEMPUS d.o.o., Company for services and manufacture, owner M. Ukas are authorized to seize the motorbike. Lessor unconditionally reserves the right to terminate the Contract of motorcycle rental, regardless of time and place, before the termination of the rental period and shall not be held liable to compensate the User for any possible loss or damage.

Article 5

The User guarantees and undertakes that the rental vehicle is taken and shall be used in accordance with Law of Safety of Road Traffic and other valid regulations, to immediately stop the driving if a breakdown of the tachometer occurs and to promptly inform the lessor on the said, to use vehicle for his/her own needs only, the vehicle will be driven by the User only or the person stated in the contract as driver as well, or stated in the contract as authorised person of the User-legal person, and all provided the said person have required motorcycle driving licences, not to drive outside Republic of Croatia if the employees of ARTUM TEMPUS d.o.o., Company for services and manufacture, owner M. Ukas are not informed about that, not to use vehicle for illegal purposes, for example for criminal acts, violation customs and foreign exchange regulation or other violations or illegal act, not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to lock the vehicle and take keys and documentation when not in use and put alarm on if there is one. The vehicle should not be used for: paid transportation of goods, loads of passengers, towing or transportation of, transportation of materials, items or goods which might be damaged or pollute the vehicle, for example, animals, inflammable materials, overly dirty or smelly things, races, moto-sport or other similar competition, drivers training.

Article 6

Costs of fuel used during the rent shall be covered by the User. Costs: in relation to transport of vehicle, of the garage, parking, pay toll and similar, of all penalties due to violation of road safety and other rules, of court, violation and other proceedings, of interest on arrears for stated liabilities, incurred or caused during the rent of vehicle, regardless of the time of their incurrence or due time, will be covered by the User whether they related to the lessor as the owner of the vehicle, User or driver of the vehicle except when said costs were caused by explicit fault by the lessor.

Article 7

In the case of damage to the vehicle equipment or tools, regardless of their nature, the User shall pay to the lessor their full value at market price for original parts, valid on the date of the agreed date of return of the vehicle. Except for provision of paragraph 1 of this article, costs of missing documentation or vehicle keys the User shall reimburse at the existing price list. If by the negligence of the User of the vehicle or driver the motor is damaged (for example due to lack of oil or water) in case of the damage oil sump, clutch (clutch destruction), the lower base of the engine or other breakdowns caused by the negligence of User or driver (careless driving or driving off roads), the User of vehicle reimburse to the lessor full amount of costs of vehicle repair. If special cleaning is required for whatever reason, Lessor will make a separate charge to cover the cost of any cleaning required.

Article 8

In the case of a road accident, damage, theft, cover, steal, engine breakdown, or similar circumstances the User is obliged to retain the vehicle until is taken by the lessor, notify names and addresses of witnesses and participants, call the police and request a record except in case of motor breakdown, report the case to the lessor’s office promptly. In the case the User does not provide a police record out of paragraph 1 of this article or does not give a statement out of paragraph 1 of this article, the User shall be fully liable for all costs of damages in connection with the damage or missing vehicle regardless of his fault in this case. The User understands that in the case of negligent behavior with the car, documents, or keys as well as in other cases specified by the insurance regulations on the law, he may be charged with a regressive claim by the insurer of the vehicle.

Article 9

In the case of damage to the vehicle, the User shall on the lessor’s request pay the full amount of repair of a damaged vehicle and other losses up to full deposit. In the case of damage to third persons, the User shall bear all costs, which the lessor could have on that basis. Insurance does not cover damage done on purpose, while affected by alcohol or drugs, without driving license or in case license was taken away, in cases, there are more persons in the vehicle than allowed, damage caused by war operations or riots as well as other circumstances prescribed by the insurance regulations or laws. Insurance does not cover the risk of destroying or damage of tires, hubs or hub-caps, or lower bases of the engine.

Article 10

The lessor is not liable for injuries, death, or damage which could occur to persons or goods that are being driven on the vehicle.

Article 11

The User may not transfer rights or obligations out of this contract to third persons, and may not steal the vehicle, parts, or equipment of the vehicle or do any remodeling of the vehicle.

Article 12

This contract is made in 2 identical copies, of which one is for the User and the others are for the lessor. By his/her signature on the first page of this contract, the User accepts this contract whit all its provisions, conditions that are made in the lessor’s office. Amendments to this contract may be only in writing, oral agreements are not valid. The existing price list of the lessor forms an integral part of this contract.

Article 13

In the event any disputes arise out of this contract, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the competent court of Split. In the conflict between Croatian and English version Croatian prevails.