Top Motorbike Events in Croatia 2024 – The Must-Visit List

Best Bikers events in Croatia
Best Bikers events in Croatia

Top Motorcycle Events You Can Visit While Touring Croatia

The year 2024 seems like it’s going to be a year for motorcycle enthusiasts! Well, at least in Croatia. Among numerous motorbike events in Croatia 2024 we have selected the five we believe to be the most exciting and best organized. Also, we wanted to make our list with some variety in themes.
So there is something for the lovers of parades and group rides, something for rock fans, a few things for adrenaline junkies and something for those who can never get enough of parties and action. Also, you could have a chance to see a couple of great Moto Shows! All of the events we are going to talk about are suitable both for riders coming with their motorcycle and full equipment, and those who plan to rent motorbikes on site.

From Pula to Rijeka – The Ultimate Motorbike Events 2024

We are going to introduce to you five amazing events you can visit either with your motorcycle or with a rental motorbike in Croatia. The events are scattered all around the beautiful country of Croatia, from mountains, and charming old towns, to the scenic coastline.

But if you are visiting Croatia this year primarily to do some swimming, sunbathing, and hiking, but would also love to include motorbike events and ride-outs to spice up your holiday, don’t worry, we got you! You can always rent out a great motorcycle from our Rent-a-GS team and don’t miss out on any of the fun! Now, let’s see what the year 2024 has in store for motorbike riders!

1. Croatia Bike Week in Pula (28 August – 2 September)

We are starting our list with the biggest biker event in Croatia! This huge bikers’ gathering includes a long town parade and amazing rock concerts. Camping and responsible cooking on the campsite are allowed. The event is taking place in the gorgeous historical city of Pula on the Adriatic scene. 

Best bikers events in Croatia

Picture owner: Croatia Bike Week 

Plus, the Croatia Bike Week is being organized in the most beautiful late summer period in Croatia – ideal for motorbike touring, camping, and simply having a fantastic time. The event is always well organized, safe, and secure, and wristbands come at affordable prices.

2. Dinaric Rally in Dinaric Alps (8 – 14 September)

Are you ready for the challenge of the most famous motorcycle rally in Croatia, or do you just wish to witness the amazing show? The choice is yours, just make sure not to miss this event if you are into adventure biking. The mountain rally has many different stages and of course various time trials.

Participation is allowed for motorcycles and quads, but also for side-by-side vehicles! The event is a fusion of exciting off-road rallies and breathtaking natural surroundings. If you are intrigued by this event, make sure to check all crucial information about the terms of participation in advance.

3. International female bikers event  – TC Felix Arba in Rab (May 31 – 02 June)

The famous International Female Bikers Event will be held this year in the town of Rab in Croatia. This is the biggest women’s bikers gathering in Croatia. However, everybody is welcome! The event is not exclusively for ladies! The International Female Bikers Event consists of five exciting parts that will leave no room for a minute of boredom! The event starts with a huge Welcome Party in the local pub. The next day, visitors can enjoy the Moto Show featuring twenty motorcycle models. 

Now, the third day is an interesting mixture of a Craft Beer Fest and Moto Show. During that day, local craft beer brands will take care of the visitors’ palate, while the motorcycle exhibit will be there to charm the visitors’ eyes and souls. After that, the organizers prepared a fantastic open-air Rock Fest. And finally, the main event will unfold the day after the rock concerts – the motorcycle parade that will go through the town all the way to the sandy beaches.

4. The Motorcycle Meetup „Staaari Rokeri“ near Umag (13 – 16 June)

Now, this event is ideal for those who like classic old-school bikers gatherings with classic rock music concerts! This motorcycle festival is held in the place called Sveti Pelegrin, a gorgeous tourist site near Umag. The event takes place in the middle of the summer, in a place with breathtaking nature. Moreover, it is designed especially for those who can’t picture a biker event without old-school rock music. The Motorcycle Meetup features panoramic rides, concerts, equipment fairs, various motorcycle games and local wine tasting.

5. Two Days Race Camp in Rijeka (22 – 23 July)

For the end of our list, we saved something a bit different. This motorbike event is half educational and half entertaining. So here you get a chance to try out a real race track! Did you ever wonder how it feels to ride on a real track, just like racers do? Well, if you did, this event might be the perfect choice for you! Here you will get a chance to learn a lot, try something totally new and so different, and maybe pick up a few useful skills for road safety! The event is held in Rijeka and has a limited number of participants. So if you are interested, hurry up and book your spot!

And if You Need a Motorcycle or Equipment to Rent

Some don’t like to be a part of their two-wheeler buddy on any trip. Others like to combine vacationing with occasional motorcycle rides with rentals. Sometimes the mere logistics prevent you from visiting some faraway event with your motorcycle. So if you are planning on visiting some of those great biker events in Croatia, but can’t take your motorbike with you, don’t worry, we got you covered!

We at Rent-a-GS motorcycles rental offer some of the best motorcycle models, suitable both for experts and beginners. Also, have motorcycle equipment for rent, everything from helmets, GPS, Go PROs and mounts, to camping equipment. All our rentals are of high quality, come with great terms of rental and also at affordable prices. Moreover, we can give you some advice about local motorcycle tours. So don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop an email if you have any questions. We are always glad to be of help to fellow riders!

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