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Meet & Greet rental service

Motorcycle rental Pula, Istria

Motorcycle rental Pula with our premium motorcycles. Choose from our diverse fleet featuring BMW, Honda, Suzuki, and more. Enjoy flexible rentals with unlimited kilometers, free cancellation, and border-crossing options. Start your Croatian adventure today with our top-quality, well-maintained motorbikes.

Motorcycle fleet Pula

In Pula, the diversity of motorcycle rentals caters to every rider’s dream, with a fleet exceeding 38 models to choose from. This extensive range includes rugged enduros for off-road adventures, luxurious touring motorbikes for long-distance comfort, classic cruisers for stylish city rides, versatile dual-sport motorcycles for the best of both worlds, and nimble street-motorbikes for urban exploration. This wide selection ensures that whether you’re aiming to traverse the rugged terrains of Istria, cruise the scenic Adriatic coast, or zip through the historic streets of Pula, there’s a perfect match for your riding style and adventure. Rent-A-GS’s diverse fleet not only promises a motorbike for every rider but also guarantees the latest models and top-of-the-line features, ensuring safety, reliability, and an unforgettable riding experience in Croatia.

Our extensive fleet, refreshed annually, includes the latest models like the BMW R1300GS, BMW F900GS, Honda XL 750 Transalp, and Suzuki V-Strom 800, ensuring you ride in style and comfort.

Explore Pula with a motorcycle

Start an unforgettable journey through Pula, Croatia, with the ultimate freedom that only a motorcycle can offer. Renting a motorcycle in Pula opens up a world of exploration, allowing you to discover the city’s ancient Roman ruins, breathtaking coastal views, and hidden gems at your own pace. Whether you’re cruising along the Adriatic coast or winding through the lush Istrian countryside, Pula is a motorcycle enthusiast’s paradise. Start your adventure today and see why exploring Pula on two wheels is the best way to experience Croatia’s stunning beauty and rich history.

Motorcycle rental Pula airport (PUY) 

Experience unparalleled convenience with Rent-A-GS’s motorcycle delivery service in Pula, Croatia. Whether you’re landing at Pula Airport (PUY) or staying anywhere in Istria, we’ve got you covered. This service extends to any location within Istria, allowing you to start your Croatian adventure the moment you step into this beautiful region. Our aim is to provide a seamless transition from air to road, enhancing your travel experience with prompt, reliable delivery right to your doorstep or airport terminal. With Rent-A-GS, your exploration of Istria’s stunning landscapes, historic towns, and breathtaking coastlines begins with ease and comfort.

How Meet and greet works in Pula

Rent-A-GS offers a streamlined and personalized “Meet and Greet” service for motorcycle rentals in Pula, ensuring a hassle-free start to your Croatian adventure. Here’s how the process works:

  • Booking and Location Selection

When you book your motorcycle online with us, you’ll choose your ideal pickup location within Pula—be it Pula Airport (PUY), known for its convenient access to the region’s top destinations, or directly at your hotel or private accommodation. A 30% deposit secures your reservation, just as it does with our standard procedure. Minimum reservation period for motocycle rental in Pula is 4 days.

  • Scheduling and Exact Location Details

We meticulously plan each meetup, entering the time and place into our calendar. We finalize these details a week in advance, whether you’re landing at Pula Airport or staying elsewhere in Istria. Given our motorcycles are delivered via trailer, we ensure a suitable meetup point is arranged, prioritizing locations with easy trailer access and parking.

  • Equipment and Luggage Handling

You’ll have the option to specify any additional gear you might need during the booking process, from helmet sizes to specific clothing requirements. We prepare everything in advance to ensure a smooth handover. Should you require, we can also handle the transfer of your luggage to our main office in Split. Luggage storage in our base office in Split is included in the price. However, if you book your motorcycle in one of our Meet & Greet locations Pula, we can take your suitcase on pick up and get you on drop off for an additional fee 10 Euro/ per way.

  • Meeting and Paperwork

Our “Meet and Greet” in Pula is designed for efficiency. Upon meeting, we’ll have the paperwork ready for a quick completion. We’ll snap photos of essential documents like your driver’s license and passport, and handle the deposit and any remaining payment on-the-spot with our mobile POS device. For multiple deliveries, we might coordinate online payments and fund reservations through ws-pay.

  • Motorcycle Handover in Pula

At this stage, we inspect the motorcycle together, making sure you’re fully briefed on its features and operation. We’ll also offer route suggestions and brief you on local traffic laws to ensure you’re ready to explore Pula and beyond safely.

  • Delivery Service Pricing in Pula

For those looking to start their adventure directly from Pula, we offer a convenient delivery service priced at €170 for one-way delivery per motorcycle. Opting for round-trip delivery, the fee is €340 per motorcycle, ensuring you can focus on enjoying your trip without worrying about transportation logistics.

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Motorcycle fleet

A vast selection of over motorcycles in our rental fleet, is ensuring a good variety for solo riders or traveling groups. From the rugged enduros designed for off-road challenges to the luxurious touring bikes built for comfort on long stretches, stylish cruisers for a dash of elegance, versatile dual-sports for all terrains, and nimble street bikes for navigating the urban landscape.

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