Cross border route. Explore Croatia and Bosnia on rental motorcycle.

Definitely one of the best West Balkan motorcycle routes.
If you want to avoid traffic jams along the coast and spend the evening in a chilly continental climate then this route is definitely for you!
Curvy landscapes of untouched nature in the mountains, green valleys, rivers and mountain streams … an inexhaustible source of peace and quiet, and the blend of different cultures and traditions are there at your fingertips.

South island hopping route – On Motorcycle from Split to Dubrovnik

Rent-a-GS created the shortest but the most beautiful route for you. The most adapted to lovers of sun, pristine blue sea, swimming, followed by a pleasant ride the gentle Mediterranean landscapes. This route is ideal for relaxing on Korčula and Pelješac. Far from City noise and city light you will see how live islanders.