From Croatia to Montenegro motorcycle tour

Motorcycle tour Croatia
Motorcycle tour Croatia

From Croatia to Montenegro Motorcycle tour

We have been planning a motorcycle tour for a long time. With all the business-private obligations, we decided we can’t spend more than 3 days on something like that. Well, when that was the case, Montenegro was close enough and attractive enough to sit on our motorbikes and head south. The decision was to let’s head in October after the summer heat.
Montenegro was interesting to us because of the landscape we are used to in Croatia. Beautiful nature with canyons and many serpentines, a landscape as created to enjoy motorcycling. On that one we started our motorcycle tour from Split (Croatia) with four of our bikes; BMW R1250 GS, BMW R1200RT, BMW R1200GS, and BMW K1600GTL.

Croatia motorcycle tour

Durmitor National Park – motorbike tour

DAY 1 – Motorbike adventure start

We couldn’t wait until our motorcycle adventure will start. We were so excited about what we will see, who will meet, and what we will experience.
We meet up in Split in front of our rental office and after short coffee and some laughs, we decided to go. The plan was, to ride to Montenegro via Bosnia and Herzegovina, so we headed from Split to Blato na Cetini following Šestanovac, Zagvozd, and Vrgorac to reach Ljubuški. More precisely to Studenac Ljubuški where we made our first break since the famous Kravica waterfalls are located there.

Kravica waterfalls motorbike tours
Kravica waterfalls

Kravice is a protected area with a waterfall up to 28 meters high. Beneath the waterfall hides a waterfall amphitheater that can be reached if you decide to swim. This area was once known for rolling cloth so that numerous mills were active along the waterfall. In this part of the route, we chose to drive on the Bosnian state road. From Ljubuški we head towards Čapljina. We are looking for a small village Stolac. A friend told us that there is allegedly best burek under the “sač”, which is basically under the iron cast bell. With a little help from the locals, we found a bakery, “Bakery Dalija” where we ate “burek”. Something I recommend trying. Although it was September, it was quite hot and we needed to put on light motorcycle jackets. The sun had already risen quite a bit by then, so we decided to take a bath. The river Bregava, which later flows into the Neretva, and then into the Adriatic Sea, was our refuge from the sun. So rested and eaten, we drive towards Bileća where we drink one more coffee, this time brewed on an old stove. Is never enough Caffeine.
The next destination Sutjeska, and Tjetnište peak.

I always aim for at least one climb on the route. Winding roads and serpentines make me thrill and this place is so perfect for it. Tjetnište is a part of the Sutjeska National Park and it is something that everyone should experience. My BMW R1250 GS finally cuts the bends even though we are descending to Gacko we decide to spend the night in Foča where we find accommodation. Journey makes places like this, great food and the service is more than pleasant and home-made.
We slept in the rooms while the motorbikes were parked in front of the apartment and quite safe. “Antique” together with apartments also offer gazebos along the river Drina. We paid exactly 50 euros for a night for two, dinner and a drink.

Day 2 – Motorbike touring throughout most incredible Durmitor roads

We decide that our Motorbike tour head along the Tara River to the border crossing with Montenegro, and we choose Plužine for the crossing. We go back to the hills and climb along Piva Lake to Durmitor.

Guided motorcycle tours Croatia
Touring true Durmitor National park

In Bosnia, we deliberately choose state roads, but in Montenegro, we go into the mountain part, which is quite more different. As experienced drivers, we don’t go anywhere without quality GPS, which helped us here as well. So, we drive on a normal paved road that suddenly becomes macadam which then narrows into almost the field road. Nothing out of the ordinary, but if it weren’t for the GPS those few times I think we would be getting lost.
As for the quality of roads, I can say that the roads in Montenegro are more maintained. My thoughts quickly returned to the beautiful nature that surrounded us. This part of the route is the most similar to an ideal moto touring that is often pursued. We ride on small roads with no traffic which was ideal for our enjoyment.

The crowd increases with the proximity to the bridge on Tara. The bridge on Đurđevića Tara itself is a tourist bridge architectural attraction. 365 meters long, the bridge was built back in 1940. And at that time it was the largest bridge in this part of Europe. Montenegrins tell him that he is certainly one of the most beautiful in the world. What sets this object apart is the landscape and its possibilities. Also nearby are restaurants and rafting activities to whom this river is known.

Tara Bridge    Croatia motorcycle tour

Since we are not some rafters, we are more excited about octane, we went to the eco-village Durmitor “Trsa”. Although here nature is beautiful, wild horses can often be seen, what surprised us was the “beer from the snow”.

The team offers beer chilled directly in the snow all summer and autumn.
After a cool beer, we go across the mount pass to Žabljak where we spend the night and get ready for the last day. This area is truly perfect for motorcycle touring.

DAY 3 – Full with joy returning home!

The bridge on Tara thrilled us so much that we had to go back one more time. Maybe rafting is not our choice, nevertheless, the zip line is. They say this line is one of the best in Europe. Certainly what makes it special is the geographical feature of the canyon itself, which is 1333 meters deep, that fact makes it the deepest in Europe and second in the world, right after the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. Ideal for zip line experience.
After this adrenaline bomb, we drank coffee by the bridge and headed towards the city of Nikšić. It was about to return home.

Through the border crossing Ilino Brdo we enter Bosnia and Herzegovina again where we drive to Trebinje. Time leads our moto group through smaller villages and hamlets. Before entering Trebinje, I expected a mediocre town, but with its about 30 thousand inhabitants of Trebinje is something more to explore. A beautiful village near the river Trebišnjica. It has reportedly been inhabited since the Paleolithic.

From Trebinje over the M20 to the border crossing Ivanica our motorcycle tour leads us to Dubrovnik a gorgeous medieval Croatian city. At the very end, full of joy returning home on the highway from Dubrovnik to Split.

Split Croatia
Split town – a gem of the Adriatic coast and Rent-a-GS base

Full of impressions, we return home and hope to have the opportunity for another motorcycle tour soon.

We experienced so many surprises on this Croatia & Montenegro moto tour from hidden gems, great local food to the most incredible roads and nature. Hope that you will try to ride alone and explore with your own motorbike or if it’s more convenient you can rent a motorcycle from our company in Split. Whatever you decide we are more than happy to help you!

If you prefer planned guided motorcycle tours through-out Croatia, and Balkan countries we can offer a full package with our affiliated company Balkan Moto Tours.

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Durmitor National Park’s exceptional scenic beauty has been shaped by glaciers and rivers. The alpine meadows on plateaus and smooth hills are set against the stark backdrop of the numerous high and rugged peaks. The most dramatic elements of the spectacular mountain landscape are the deep river canyons, most notably the famous Tara River Gorge, Europe’s deepest gorge